Meet our Patrons

The MPCT Patrons are valued friends and partners who share our mission and core values.

MPCT is fortunate to have the support of our diverse and talented Patrons, who all have specialist knowledge, skills, and experiences that enhance what we do to positively impact young people’s lives.

Our Patrons act as ambassadors for MPCT. They help increase awareness of the outstanding work that MPCT does, they introduce us to new partners and supporters and provide opportunities and positive experiences for our students. We are delighted to have continued support from all patrons, old and new.

Whilst the overriding majority of youngsters need little more than the encouragement and guidance of their parents to find their way to becoming happy, well-adjusted young adults, a substantial minority need a great deal more help and support to develop the self-confidence and motivation that enables them to spot and then seize the opportunities that lay all around.

From my own experiences as a boy, admittedly a long time ago, I am struck by the need to help youngsters navigate the periodically troubled waters that lead from childhood to adulthood. Since retiring after a full and rewarding career with the Royal Air Force I have taken on a number of volunteer roles most of which have an emphasis on youth and youth development.

Having witnessed at first hand the work of the MPCT, no single fibre of my being could refuse the generous invitation to become a Patron and I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically look forward to working with such a highly motivated, professional and caring team.”

Air Marshal Sir Graham Anthony “Dusty” Miller, KBE

The Motivation and Learning Trust provides clear and consistent support and oversight to the charity.

The trustees are dignitaries, employers, academics, business leaders, and members of MPCT staff. Congratulations to all recognised in the Queen’s New Year Honours list. MPCT would like to offer its congratulations to all those who have received the prestigious honour, in particular MLT Patron, Sir Tyrone Urch KBE, who has been awarded a knighthood in recognition of his role as Standing Joint Commander, in which he led the military’s contribution to the UK’s fight against COVID-19.

Hello, my name is Sir Tyrone Urch KBE FICE, I’m one of the patrons of the Motivation and Learning Trust and a very close friend of everyone in the Motivational Preparation College for Training.

I wanted to congratulate you on an outstanding 21 years and to let you know how proud I am of your achievements and the incredible work that’s been done since 1999. I wish I could be there in person, but my message to you is no less heartfelt for being here virtually. I’m hugely grateful to all the staff at the MPCT for setting such a positive example to all the Learners, and for their exceptional work and the inspiration they provide our young people.

You have built a strong team ethos and fostered a healthy and productive environment, which has allowed the MPCT to achieve so much more than we could have reasonably expected. So, thanks to you, the MPCT is now recognised as an industry leader and is having an incredible impact on the community, as well as helping our young people build confidence from which to thrive both personally and professionally in our society.

COVID-19 and its impacts over the last months have brought us all huge challenges, but the MPCT family has adapted; you have implemented new technology and systems of work to allow our learners to continue to benefit from the service that our colleges provide.

You have shown great resilience throughout these trying and uncertain times, you’ve continued to focus and put the effort in throughout the restrictive period, and I know this has been of enormous value to the learners.

I’m genuinely humbled to see the positive attitude and the genuine passion that every single member of staff brings to the team and our young people and their families. 21 years, is an incredible milestone, and one that I know could not have been achieved without your unwavering commitment to helping young people get the right start towards fulfilling their life ambitions.

Thank you very much.

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