Our Provisions

MPCT is proud to have an array of distinct provisions that supports young people of all ages and demographics throughout the UK. The range and scope of an MPCT learner is vast, as are the provisions, however, all have a common aim; to ensure we create better citizens.

The MPCT Military Academy

With outstanding leadership and teaching, all can achieve their goals.

Every instructor at the academy has served in the Armed Forces, and all present as strong, consistent role models to their students. During their service, our instructors received exceptional training in leadership and management. This means that our learners are learning from the very best. The sense of pride our staff feel in developing, training, and supporting our students has also been recognised by the Times 100 Best Companies to Work For 2017.

Ex-learners from the programme who decide to join the Armed Forces are more likely to be successful than direct entrants. Learners who decide to pursue other career options have the core skills to support their success. With this new-found set of skills and qualifications, doors which were previously closed to them are now wide open.

MPCT Schools

MPCT Schools is a UK-wide, thriving, and distinguished training provider that has education and learning as the principle foundation.

We support partner schools and local authorities across England and Wales in securing accredited vocational qualifications, by using a military ethos as our engagement mechanism.

  • Supporting school qualification and attainment performance.
  • Developing unique learning skills to support in-school academic performance.
  • Ensuring positive personal and academic progression.

The provision complements the existing school curriculum, through improving school performance measures and implementing variety and depth in the curriculum the school offers. The MPS pedagogy is based upon active learning, both within academic lessons, and the application of practical skills.

The Sports College

The Sports and Exercise College has been delivering sports, exercise, and fitness courses for a number of years in Wales.

The Sports and Exercise College is designed for 16-to-19 year-olds who wish to gain qualifications and experiences to pursue a career in the sports and active leisure industry. We offer Level 1 and 2 qualifications, which we believe will help further develop our students’ employability skills.

Learners have access to a huge range of events and activities, including presentations, training, and mentoring from professional sportsmen and women and industry experts.

The Sports and Exercise College prides itself on the inspirational relationships our instructors and coaches have with their students. Unlike other colleges who will pass their students around from tutor to tutor, the learners have a dedicated instructor for the whole of the course, in both theory and practical. This develops, nurtures, and provides time and space for these positive relationships to evolve.

MPCT Young Leaders

The MPCT Young Leaders unique character education syllabus supports primary schools across the United Kingdom.

We provide high quality opportunities to broaden and differentiate their curriculum, all of which, is delivered in-school, through a sustained and progressive Instructor led delivery. MPCT Young Leaders supports a schools, strategy and approach to character education.

Our friendly instructors, who hold a wealth of experience in both the military and education sectors, take learners on a progressive journey of intrigue and self-discovery, developing wider skills and attributes from building resilience to cultivating virtues, all underpinned by a soft military ethos.