Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Colin Martin OBE FCMI Chartered MCIPD

“When Huw Lewis, the Managing Director of the MPCT, asked me if I would be willing to become a patron of his organisation a few years ago, I felt privileged and fortunate to be a part of this hugely inspirational and visionary project. Since then, I have been immensely impressed by the success and positive results of a College programme which serves to enthuse and inspire young people to develop their abilities and attributes to the full. Whilst MPCT was founded and designed primarily to prepare 16-19 year old young people for a career in the military, for which it has been extremely successful, their unique Foundation Learning Programme has also enabled their learners to gain self-confidence to cope with the challenges and opportunities for employment in the wider world.

MPCT has undoubtedly achieved its mission “to engage, motivate and educate to achieve excellence for all”. Much of its success is down to the professionalism, dedication and motivation of its Managing Director and staff members who work tirelessly and selflessly to inspire, energise and motivate a diverse group of young people, often from underprivileged, deprived and difficult homes.

When my wife and I were kindly invited to attend one of the MPCT Programme Award Ceremonies, we were both extremely impressed by the way that the young Learners demonstrated their personal confidence, self-esteem and determination; furthermore, it was enthralling to watch them work together as competitive groups in the mental and physical challenges being displayed and the team spirit shown by them all was exceptional. It comes as no surprise that, as a consequence, many of these Learners have successfully achieved their goal in passing the recruit selection process for the armed forces and other public services. The Army Recruiting Group (RG) has certainly reaped the benefits of the MPCT’s development programme and the MPCT remains uniquely placed to assist in this regard.

The MPCT continues to offer young people the opportunity to develop their physical and mental agility and to get the very best out of themselves. Huw Lewis and his organisation deserve full recognition and credit for enabling this opportunity to many Learners from difficult backgrounds who would not otherwise have achieved their goals and ambitions; I salute them for the impressive results which have been realised”.